innocent Big Knit campaign – Little woolly hats are knitted by volunteers up and down the UK and for every hatted bottle sold during November, 25p is donated to a charity called Age UK. The Big Knit raised more than ever in 2010 to help Age UK make winter warmer for older people. Outdoor advertising concept, copywriting and design.

innocent Big Knit campaign identity and knitter communication design.
innocent, London 2010

innocent Big Knit pop-up magazine ad concept, copywriting and design.
innocent, London 2010

Innocent Summer super smoothie campaign concept and design.
innocent, London 2010

The You Tube Channel design brought to life by Collective Digital Agency London.

Macquarie Bank, Commonwealth Games press advertising.
3C, Sydney 2006

Allianz's global brand underwent a huge refresh of their language, look and feel. Print advertising and brand collateral design concepts.
Fitch, London 2010